Oddo Clinic provides packages with the best breast implants Turkey prices; among the practices of plastic surgery breast implants takes up a significant place. Breast implants Turkey procedures are very demanded by international patients for the most affordable breast implants price. Oddo Clinic offers online consultations for international patients who are interested in having their breast implants with a privileged medical experience. In order to learn more about plastic surgery breast implants, large breast implants and breast implants Turkey procedures, please contact us now; dedicated medical consultants of Oddo Clinic will inform you about the procedures and breast implants Turkey prices.

Breast implants in Turkey

This operation is a procedure to restore the volume and posture of the breast area; the dissatisfaction with the size and the shape of the breasts can be caused from the original body form, after effects of pregnancy or major weight changes.

Breast implants surgeries can be performed to fix the irregularity and imbalance of breasts or to increase the sizes of the breasts. Breast enlargement operations can be done by transferring one’s own natural fat to the breasts or by placing saline implants and silicone gel. Natural fat cells are usually prone to be absorbed when used in breast area; therefore, saline implants and silicone gels promise better results in terms of durability and proportion. Patients decide on how large breast implants should be to achieve the desired volume.

In Oddo Clinic, MENTOR® brand implants are used for plastic surgery breast implants; MENTOR® is a brand which has proved its quality, thus it is the best choice for the most aesthetic and life-long results.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Breast Implants?

Breast implants surgery is suitable for people who would like to change their breast sizes, contour their breast area and have a nice cleavage.

Breast implants can be placed under or above the breast muscles depending on your individual condition and expectation from the surgery. Breast implants surgery can also be combined with breast uplift surgery if it is found necessary, for a better position and fixing the sagginess of breast by removal of the excess skin.

For those interested in having a breast implants operation best way to find out whether they are suitable candidates for the operation is to get a professional opinion; a consultation session done with a qualified plastic surgeon is usually the best way to start a breast implant journey. In this consultation, patients are asked about the current medical condition, medical history and all other medical details that are necessary to assess their condition. As a result of this assessment, plastic surgeons can create a custom-made breast implants treatment plan for the patients to achieve the most desired results.

Breast Implants Procedure Turkey

Turkey is at top of the list of the places where breast implant prices are the lowest and the quality of the treatment and results are the highest. Medical practice and technology is very much developed around the country; combining these with affordable medical rates, Turkey offers a very advantageous option for international breast implant treatment seekers.

Breast implants Turkey prices

One of the most affordable options available however, they may vary depending on the details of breast implants Turkey treatment plan made under the supervision of the surgeon; package details of your breast implants Turkey treatment may also change the breast implants price. Our medical consultants will inform you about breast implants Turkey costs and all the package details.

Breast Implants Surgery Turkey

Breast Implants Procedure Turkey

Plastic surgery breast implants procedure starts with a detailed consultation planning; the breast implants are available in sizes to fulfill the different expectations of the patients. It is important to tell about your desired outcomes from breast implants procedure in detail to your medical consultant and surgeon; depending on how large breast implants are, the requirements of the plan may change. In the consultation process, all of your questions will be replied and your individualized breast implants treatment plan will be created.

The breast implants surgery will start with a proper cutting technique for your condition; progresses with placement of the suitable breast implants into the breasts and ends by closing up the skin by sutures.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The whole procedure takes around 1-2 hours; however, this time may change depending on the specific condition of the patients and whether if the operation is combined with any other medical procedure like breast uplift.

Recovery After Breast Implants Surgery

  • After your breast implants operation, you will need to use a special sport bra for approximately a month in order to support the new shape of your breasts and minimize the side effects of the surgery.
  • It is not common to experience strong pain after the breast implants surgery; however, your breasts may get swollen and you may feel a discomforting pressure on them. These effects will disappear within around 3 days after the breast implants
  • You may feel firmness until up to 6 months after breast implants surgery which is completely normal; as your muscles and tissues heal and relax, firmness will relax as well.
  • Breast implants incisions should be looked after as instructed by your plastic surgeon regularly; incision types and shapes may vary depending on the details of the surgery however it is important to take care of them to avoid any infections and any unpleasant look on the long-term scar tissue.
  • Excessive physical activities and heavy lifting should be avoided at least for a month after breast implants surgery as the body needs time to heal. Please consult to your plastic surgeon to find out when it is suitable to go back physical activities after breast implants operation especially if you are doing them on a regular basis.

Breastfeeding after Breast Implants

Breastfeeding after breast implants surgery should be discussed with the medical consultants and the surgeon; in some cases, the location of the breast implants can be arranged to prevent damage on nerves and milk ducts while in other cases it is not guaranteed. Therefore, this matter should be absolutely consulted to the surgeon beforehand.

What Are the Advantages of Breast Implants?

Breast implants are the most demanded and effective breast augmentation procedures that can provide patients with very satisfactory results thanks to the highly developed implants and techniques.

Thanks to the very well developed medical technology, breast implants are very durable and do not get deformed inside of the body for long years. Breast implants does not require revisions when the true implants are selected unless the patient wants to change the size of the implants. They are the only permanent way to achieve a larger size of the breasts and do not interfere with the breastfeeding function of the breasts with a delicately created treatment plan.

Breast implants are not only effective for enlargement of the breasts but they can also be helpful to achieve the symmetry of the breasts; natural size of the breast may not the same and this condition is very common. With a suitable treatment plan, breasts can become the same size thanks to the breast implants.

Breast implants are very much preferred by those who would like to achieve a better and more confident posture; increased size of the breasts strengths the chest area, supports the feminine energy and thus improves the posture. After having breast implants, many women feel much confident and comfortable with themselves.

Breast Implants at Oddo Clinic

For breast implants operation, Oddo Clinic team arranges every detail carefully for the health and comfort of the patients.

Oddo Clinic uses the best quality MENTOR® brand implants to achieve the most successful and durable results. Breast implant treatment plans are created custom-made for the specific condition of the patients. Every step of the treatment journey is performed in hygienic and well-equipped medical environment by the highly qualified and experienced medical team of Oddo Clinic.