In Oddo Clinic, we offer male breast reduction and female breast reduction procedures; your Oddo journey will start with an online consultation with our dedicated medical consultants. After you get a personalized breast reduction treatment plan from our plastic surgeons, you will be informed about the breast reduction cost and package details of breast reduction Turkey. Please fill out the consultation form to initiate your breast reduction Turkey journey in Oddo Clinic; our medical consultants will reach you immediately to help you with your questions, personalized treatment plan and all the details about breast reduction in Turkey.

Breast Reduction Turkey

Breast Reduction Turkey is a surgery aims to reduce the sizes of the breasts by removing out the excessive tissues, skin and fat. Breast reduction surgery is mostly preferred by the people who have large and heavy breasts which cause them to experience discomfort with their appearances along with various health conditions such as back and neck pain.

Due to their weight; large and heavy breasts may cause painful symptoms for the one who carries them. Large breasts which distorts the proper body form are a discomfort for women in mental terms as well. Breast reduction provides permanent and satisfactory results for both appearance and the health condition of the patients. Also male breast reduction, gynecomastia is a very demanded operation, offering a more masculine appearance to men who suffer from enhanced breasts.

One of the main purposes of breast reduction is to get a better aesthetic look; breast reduction surgery is effective on improving the asymmetry or relocating the nipples as well.

Breast reduction Turkey treatments offer very advantageous and successful breast reduction experiences to international patients.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery can give very effective and desired results for a wide range of patients; however, before deciding on having a breast reduction operation, the best way to find out if you are a suitable candidate is having a consultation. A consultation done with the plastic surgeon that covers some essential medical details and the expected outcomes from the breast reduction surgery is very important to decide for the operation.

To offer a much more convenient and comfortable medical experience for our international patients, Oddo Clinic offers online consultations in which every question of patients is replied and an individualized breast reduction treatment plan is created.


Breast reduction surgery includes removing out some tissues; although medical techniques allow surgeons to plan the surgery without eliminating the ability of breastfeeding, it is still not very recommended by professionals to have breast reduction if you consider breast feeding in the future.

If you would like to have breast reduction surgery and breastfeed in the future, please inform your surgeon about the situation during your consultation in detail; an individualized breast reduction treatment plan will be done for your condition and the extraction of the tissues can be strategically planned.

Breast Reduction Cost Turkey

For the best results and the most affordable breast reduction costs, Turkey stands at the top place for international patients who are looking for having their treatments with the most advantageous and successful option. As in many other medical procedures, Turkey offers the most affordable and inclusive treatment prices to international patients for the high standard medical procedures.

Breast reduction costs may get effected from many factors; Oddo Clinic arranges breast reduction cost as a package concept including all the details you will need in your breast reduction Turkey journey. We are proud to offer most affordable and all-inclusive breast reduction Turkey prices. Thanks to the pre-arranged breast reduction packages, international patients of Oddo Clinic can save money and time while booking their breast reduction treatment.

What Are the Advantages of Breast Reduction Operation?

Breast reduction is an operation which does not only improve the aesthetic appearance of the breast area but increase the life quality of patients.

Heaviness of the breast can cause many problems; one of the most important problems related to the excess size of the breasts is the back pain. It is very common for patients with heavy breasts to suffer from back pain and in relation, from poor posture. After breast reduction, breasts become lighter and does not strain the back area; patients achieve a better posture with the surgery and do not suffer from back pain related to the heaviness of the breasts.

Heavy breasts can also cause hardships while buying clothes; after breast reduction surgery patients achieve a more proportioned upper body and can wear the clothes they like without any difficulties.

Another advantage of the breast reduction is that the decreased size of the breasts allows patients to be more easily physically active; heavy breasts often prevent people from doing any exercises and make the physical activities uncomfortable. Majority of the patients become more active after breast reduction and thus adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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Breast Reduction Procedure Turkey

There are multiple techniques for breast reduction surgery; the suitable technique for your case will be decided in your consultation.

Breast reduction starts with incisions which are made according to the chosen technique; the excess skin, tissue and fat are removed. The nipples are repositioned according to the new shape of the breasts; the size of the areola is reduced if it is necessary. The area is closed up with sutures.

The whole procedure takes around 2-3 hours and performed under general anesthesia; the duration of the breast reduction operation may vary depending on the patients’ specific condition.

Recovery After Breast Reduction

  • You should wear a special sports bra for a week after breast reduction in order to minimize the side effects and support healing.
  • Pain, swelling and bruise can be seen in the first week which is normal; you may be prescribed with antibiotics and painkiller after breast reduction.
  • Heavy physical activities, heavy lifting and stretching should be avoided for approximately 2-3 weeks. You should not drive until your breast reduction recovery process is done; seatbelt usage can be painful.
  • The shapes of your breast reduction scars may differ according to the type of your incisions; they will be prominent until 6 weeks from breast reduction but will start to fade afterwards. Incision scars should be looked after as instructed by your plastic surgeon to avoid any kind of infections and unpleasant scar tissue appearance.
  • The recovery process of breast reduction lasts around 2-3 weeks. After that you can get back to your daily life; however, you are still advised to be careful with certain aspects about the late recovery period. Please consult to your surgeon in every question and concern about the recovery period and dos and don’ts during this period.