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Genital Rejuvenation in Turkey

Genital rejuvenation procedures are cosmetic procedures which aims to restore the aesthetic appearance of the genital area of females; these procedures are effective on fixing the undesired shape and appearance of female genitals to provide a better hygiene, comfortable movement ability of lower body and more desired aesthetic look. Genital rejuvenation procedures include labiaplasty and vaginaplasty operations.

Labiaplasty in Turkey

Labiaplasty is performed to reshape and reduce the size of labia minora which is the name of small outer lips in the genital area. These lips may be deformed due to childbirth and aging; or they may be disturbingly large by genetics. As a genital rejuvenation procedure labiaplasty can be performed in order to prevent an unwanted appearance while wearing tight clothes, the uncomfortable feeling while exercising and restoring the hygiene.

Vaginaplasty in Turkey

Vaginaplasty is a genital rejuvenation procedure to decrease the size of loosened and stretched inner vagina tissues caused by childbirth or aging. The tightening of the vagina is the main aim of vaginaplasty; it provides patients with better sexual functioning and restored confidence.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate for Genital Rejuvenation?

Genital rejuvenation procedures can achieve very successful results for a wide range of patients experiencing discomfort related to the shape of their genital areas. The best way to find out if you are a suitable candidate for having a genital rejuvenation procedure is to get an opinion of a professional. In a consultation session that is done with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, patients’ medical history and current medical state is examined, problems with the genital area are identified and the patients’ suitability for the operation is discussed. As a result of a detailed consultation, a unique genital rejuvenation treatment plan is created for patients.

Genital rejuvenation surgery is usually preferred by patients who experience discomfort about their genital area as a result of pregnancy, aging or some other factor. Sometimes the procedure can be performed in order to change the original appearance of the area coming from the genetics of the patient.

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Genital Rejuvenation Cost Turkey

Genital rejuvenation procedures are becoming widespread all around the world and the number of the patients interested in these operations are increasing day by day. While deciding on a genital rejuvenation procedure, the cost of the treatment carries a big importance; gladly, it is possible to find very advantageous price rates for genital rejuvenation procedures. Genital rejuvenation procedures in Turkey offer one of the most affordable price rates around the world; combining this with the high level of medical expertise, high number of international patients prefer to have their genital rejuvenation procedures in Turkey.

Genital rejuvenation surgery cost may vary depending on which technique is suitable for your specific condition. Your medical history and desired outcomes from the procedures are very important while creating an individualized treatment plan. Our medical consultants will get you a treatment plan from Oddo plastic surgeons for your genital rejuvenation and afterwards inform you about the all-inclusive package prices for your journey.

What Are the Advantages of Genital Rejuvenation Operation in Turkey?

Genital rejuvenation procedures can achieve very successful results both physically and psychologically.

Some problems related to the shape of the genital area can cause difficulties while doing physical activities; after genital rejuvenation procedures, patients state that they are much more comfortable while exercising or doing other physical activities.

Problems with the shape of the genital area can also make it hard to wear tight bottom clothes; after operation, patients can easily wear the clothes they want.

Undesired shape of the genital area is very much related to the feminine energy and self-confidence as well; genital rejuvenation procedures restore the feminine aura and make patients feel better about themselves. This improves the general mental state and the sexual life as well.

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Genital Rejuvenation Procedure

A genital rejuvenation surgery starts with a detailed consultation; your medical consultant will ask you about your medical history and desired outcomes from the procedure. An individualized treatment plan will be created by Oddo plastic surgeons according to your specific condition.

  • The techniques of genital rejuvenation may vary depending on what you expect from the procedure. You will be provided with detailed information about the method which is most suitable for your case after your consultation.
  • Surgical genital rejuvenation procedures are invasive and performed under the appropriate type of anesthesia the chosen technique requires.
  • The genital rejuvenation procedure should be scheduled for the end of your menstrual cycle in order to prevent any discomfort in your healing process.

Recovery After Genital Rejuvenation

    • The total recovery time may vary depending on the performed genital rejuvenation surgery technique; however, patients usually feel good enough to go on with their daily routines in a few days after the procedure.
    • The post-op instructions must be followed carefully in order to prevent any kind of complications, minimize the discomfort of side effects and support the healing process.
    • The results of genital rejuvenation procedures are usually permanent; however, if you give a birth again after the operation, your prior discomforts may get back and you may need to have the same procedure again.
    • Information about how long should pass for tampon usage, sexual intercourse or swimming after the surgery will be provided by your surgeon and medical consultants.