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Turkey is the best destination for those looking for the most affordable and quality medical treatments. The difference of the treatment prices in Turkey between the prices in UK, USA or other European countries is usually a lot; especially for cosmetic surgeries, dentistry, weight loss procedures and hair transplant. The expensive prices in their own country often motivate patients from these countries to find better options and therefore Turkey receives many international patients for its cheaper rates and successful medical procedures.
Clinic Mono aims to bring together the high-quality medical procedures with the most affordable all-inclusive package prices. All treatments, services and facilities offered by Clinic Mono match high standards and designed to provide patients with the safest and most comfortable treatment journeys.

The number of people who are unsatisfied with the appearance of a certain part or parts of the body are quite high today; this condition can affect the mental health and personal interactions of the person in a huge rate. Plastic surgeries are to reconstruct or reshape the parts of the body to achieve a better aesthetic appearance or in some cases better functioning.

Clinic Mono offers Brazilian butt lift, breast implants, breast uplift, breast reduction, liposuction, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, eyelid surgery, face lift, gynecomastia, labiaplasty, vaginaplasty and penis enlargement procedures; the needs and expectations of the patients are identified in a detailed consultation to find out the most suitable treatment plan.

Brazilian Butt Lift Costs

Brazilian butt lift operation is to achieve rounder curves and enhanced buttocks by benefitting the original, unwanted fat from the certain areas of body such as abdomen, waist and lower-back and transferring it to the buttocks.

The cost of this procedure can reach up to £10,000 in UK and European countries; in Clinic Mono, Brazilian butt lift costs start from £3400.

Breast Implants Costs

Genetic factors, pregnancy, major weight changes or aging can cause loss of volume and undesired shape of the breasts; breast implant operation is to achieve the desired size and symmetry of the breasts by using suitable implants.

Breast implants costs start from £2520 in Clinic Mono; it can reach up to £6,000 in many other countries.

Breast Uplift Costs

Breast uplift operation is for those who would like to fix the sagginess of their breasts; sagginess of the breasts can be caused by many factors like pregnancy, major weight changes or aging.

In Clinic Mono, cost of breast uplift starts from £2545; breast uplift costs are around £5000 in UK and many European countries.

Breast Reduction Costs

The excessively large breasts can cause back pain and bad posture. Breast reduction operation aims to decrease the size of the breasts by removing out certain tissues and skin.

Breast reduction costs in UK or European countries can reach up to £6000. All-inclusive breast reduction cost in Clinic Mono in Turkey starts from £2545.

Liposuction Costs

Some people suffer from fat deposits in some parts of their body which are resistant to any diets or exercising; liposuction is for those who would like to reshape and contour their body by the removal of the resistant fat deposits.

In Clinic Mono, liposuction cost starts from £2500 while the prices are around £5000-6000 in UK and many other countries.

Tummy Tuck Costs

Pregnancy and major weight changes can cause tummy skin to sag and look unaesthetic. Tummy tuck operation aims to fix the sagginess and deformities of the abdomen skin by removing the excess skin and tightening the muscles there.

Tummy tuck costs are between £4,500 to £6,000 in UK and many European countries; while in Clinic Mono Turkey, all-inclusive tummy tuck cost starts from £2545.

Rhinoplasty Costs

Rhinoplasty is a surgery to fix the shape and irregularities of nose; reasons of the undesired shape of the nose can be genetics or physical injury.

The cost of rhinoplasty starts from £2215 in Clinic Mono; this surgery often costs between £4000-£7000 in many European countries.

Otoplasty Costs

Ears may be in an undesired appearance due to genetic factors or as a result of an injury. Otoplasty surgery aims to correct the shape, angle and position of ears by removing or re-shaping the tissues, cartilage and skin.

All-inclusive otoplasty cost is £2070 in Clinic Mono while in UK and many other countries it can be up to £4000.

Eyelid Surgery Costs

By aging, eyelids can get deformed and sag; eyelid surgery is to repair the droopy eyelids by removing the excess skin and fat tissues for a better aesthetic and younger look.

Cost of eyelid surgery can be around £5000-6000 in Europe; cost of this surgery starts from £1600 in Clinic Mono including all aftercare services you may need during your journey.

Face Lift Costs

Face is the part of our body which gets affected by aging the most; face lift is a surgery to rejuvenate the face by removing out the excess skin and reshaping the tissues underneath.

All-inclusive face lift costs start from £2450 including in Clinic Mono; price for this surgery can reach up to £10.000 in many other countries.

Gynecomastia Costs

Enlargement of male breasts can be caused by many reasons like hormonal imbalances, genetic factors or use of certain medication. Gynecomastia aims to decrease the size of the enlarged male breasts to achieve an improved masculine look.

Cost of all-inclusive gynecomastia packages starts from £2170 while prices are usually around £4000-5000 in most of other countries.

Labiaplasty Costs

Pregnancy and aging can cause deformations on the appearance of the labia; labiaplasty aims to rejuvenate the labia by removing and re-shaping the tissues and skin.

Labiaplasty costs start from £2070 in Clinic Mono with all-inclusive packages. Prices for this treatment can reach up to £4000 in UK and Europe.

Vaginaplasty Costs

Muscles and tissues of vagina can get deformed due to pregnancy or aging; vaginaplasty aims to fix the deformities of the vagina by removing the excess tissues and tightening the vagina canal.

Vaginaplasty costs start from £2070 in Clinic Mono; prices in other countries are often around £4000.

Penis Enlargement Costs

Penis enlargement is an operation to increase the size of the penis diameter through fat transfer technique.

Penis enlargement costs in Clinic Mono starts from £3900; prices of this surgery can reach up to £6000 in UK and many other countries.

What Are the Factors Affecting Plastic Surgery Cost?

Plastic surgery needs to have an individualized treatment plan; needs and expectations of the patients are all different. Depending on the specific condition of the patient, materials and techniques used in the surgery can affect the overall price.

Another factor affecting the cost is the package services; accommodation, transfers, medications and other included package services also can affect the overall treatment price.

Cosmetic Dentistry Cost in Turkey

Cosmetic dentistry aims to achieve a more aesthetic smile and better dental health with custom-made treatment plans created in accordance to the needs and desires of the patient. Cosmetic dentistry costs are very affordable and high-quality in Turkey, providing international patients with beautiful smiles. In Clinic Mono, dental crowns, dental veneers, dental implants and teeth whitening are performed to achieve the best smiles.

Dental Crowns Costs

Dental crowns are full dental coatings which can be made from different materials to restore the health, strength, aesthetic appearance and the symmetry of teeth.

Dental crown cost starts from £335 in Clinic Mono; this cost can go up to £1000 in UK and other countries.

Dental Veneers Costs

Dental veneers are dental coatings covering only the surface of the teeth; they are mostly used in smile designs.

Dental veneer cost starts from £515 in Clinic Mono while it can reach up to £900 in UK or many other countries.

Dental Implants Costs

Dental implants are screw shaped appliances fused into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth root; they can support different types of dental appliances as an anchor such as crowns or prosthesis.

Dental implant costs start from £500 in Clinic Mono; in UK and other countries, this price is usually around £2500.

Teeth Whitening Costs

Coffee, tea, inadequate dental care or smoking can cause for stains and discoloring of the teeth. Teeth whitening is the process to remove the external discoloring of the teeth by using whitening agents.

Teeth whitening cost in Clinic Mono is £190; the regular prices for this treatment in UK and many other countries are around £350.

What Are the Factors Affecting Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

Cosmetic dentistry treatment should be planned for the specific needs and expectations of the patients. The number of the crowns, veneers or implants are determinant on the cost of the treatments; also the material used in the treatment is effective on the overall price.

Obesity Surgery Cost in Turkey

Obesity surgeries are performed to provide patients with sustainable weight loss through advanced medical techniques. Obesity surgeries are very developed and affordable in Turkey and they provide patients with quality and life-changing procedures every day.

Gastric Sleeve Costs

Gastric sleeve is performed by the removal of a part of stomach which is around %85 of total; patients feel much fuller after eating much less and the change on the eating habits results in gradual weight loss.

Gastric sleeve costs start from £3150 in Clinic Mono Turkey; this treatment usually costs around £8000 in UK and European countries.

Gastric Filler Costs

Gastric filler is performed as injecting the botulinum toxin type A to stomach wall to achieve a prolonged feeling of fullness by blocking the hunger hormone and limiting the muscle movement in the stomach.

Gastric filler procedure costs start from £1020 in Clinic Mono. The average price of the treatment is £5000 in many other countries.

Gastric Bypass Costs

Gastric bypass is performed by creating a smaller pouch from the stomach and reconnecting that pouch directly to the small intestine for limiting the food intake and nutrition absorption to treat obesity.

Gastric bypass costs in Clinic Mono starts from £3700; prices for this operation is usually between £8000-15,000 in many European countries and UK.

Gastric Balloon Costs

Gastric balloon procedure is performed by placing a saline-filled silicone balloon in to the stomach to limit the food capacity, increase the feeling of fullness and lead weight loss.

Gastric balloon costs start from £1185 in Clinic Mono while prices in other countries can reach up to £5000.

What Are the Factors Affecting Obesity Surgery Cost?

Patient’s individual condition including chronic diseases, level of the obesity, any prior operations and BMI value can affect the requirement of the procedures and consequently the total price.

Hair Transplant Costs

Hair transplant is an operation to treat hair loss conditions by using patient’s own natural hair. Hair transplant costs in Turkey are the most affordable options; while the all-inclusive cost of the treatment is £1500 in Clinic Mono, cost of this treatment can go up to £15,000 in UK and many other countries.

In order to benefit from the advantages of booking for a treatment in Clinic Mono Turkey, you can make a deposit payment of £300 and fix the current package price for a year. You can pick an operation date within a year after deposit payment with the rescheduling flexibility in case of any unplanned situation.